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Apr14 2015

Reuters features TrimTabs Investment Research data showing record inflows

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Global equity funds inflows tracking to record: TrimTabs

(Reuters) - Global equity mutual and exchange-traded funds have so far this year pulled in net inflows of $81.5 billion, putting them on track to beat a four-month record high of $86 billion set nine year ago, TrimTabs Investment Research said on Tuesday.

Global equity mutual funds and ETFs surged to a record $34.8 billion in March, edging past the previous monthly record of $34.4 billion in January 2013, TrimTabs data showed.

These funds raked in $14.8 billion this month through Friday, and look likely to have the best four-month run of inflows since December 2005 through March 2006.

“U.S. investors continue to follow the printing presses into European and Japanese equities,” said David Santschi, chief executive officer of TrimTabs.  “A record that has been held for nine years is almost sure to fall.”

Buying has been heaviest among European funds, Santschi said.

(Reporting By Michael Connor in New York; Editing by Ted Botha)

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May3 2012

Reuters: Quotes Active Bear re: Green Mountain stock short sales

Green Mountain plunges in Christmas for shorts

Reuters story about plunging Green Mountain coffee stock quotes John Del Vecchio, co-manager of AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF (HDGE.P).

"Last night, I was like a kid on the night before Christmas at the Christmas tree, while I was waiting for their (earnings) release," said John Del Vecchio, portfolio manager of The Active Bear ETF (HDGE.P), who has been short Green Mountain since 2011.

"This is the beginning of the end," he said. "We're not covering a share."

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