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Jul1 2013

Forbes Magazine profiles short sellers Brad Lamensdorf and John Del Vecchio

This story appears in the July 15, 2013 issue of Forbes.

Is A Short-Seller After Your Stock?

Short sellers John Del Vecchio and Brad Lamensdorf


"The fund run by Brad Lamensdorf and John Del Vecchio, Ranger Equity Bear ETF, has lost a ton of money. So now is probably a good time to pay attention to what they are doing. . .

"Why take investing tips from a pair of traders who are fighting the tape? Because the higher that stocks fly, the further they have to fall when they encounter bad news. No telling when the stock market will turn down, but when it does, the high-risk companies that Lamensdorf and Del Vecchio have shorted are likely to suffer outsize damage. . .

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Jan7 2013

Barron’s reviews “What’s Behind the Numbers?”

Barron's review of investing book "What's Behind the Numbers: A Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery" informative with lively prose.  Calls book a guide "to avoid land mines in your portfolio."


Dec7 2012

BNN “What’s Behind the Numbers” Best Investment Book of 2013

Click on the video below to watch John Del Vecchio discuss "Best Book of 2013 - What's Behind the Numbers?  A Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery".  He discusses some of tips and techniques from the book for protecting ones portfolio and disabuses of some traditional investing strategies.



Nov15 2012

Index Universe Q&A with Ranger’s Del Vecchio: A Forensic Indexer

John Del Vecchio, forensic accountant and co-portfolio manager of the Ranger Equity Bear ETF (NYSEArca: HDGE), has a new book out that puts indexing in a favorable light, but with a few important twists. Del Vecchio told

Correspondent Cinthia Murphy that owning swaths of the market is the only way to preserve returns in a world full of vagaries that can torpedo the most established of companies. But that doesn’t mean he buys into traditional market-capitalization-weighted methodologies.
Read the entire Q&A here  - He discusses the key concepts behind that fund in his book “What’s Behind The Numbers?” (McGraw Hill) ,arguing that applying forensic accounting and focusing on earnings quality allows him to find value stocks while excluding accidents that are waiting to happen.


Nov11 2012

Dallas Morning News recommends “What’s Behind The Numbers? Expose Financial Chicanery”

Dallas Morning News business columnist Will Deener reviews What's Behind the Numbers? Expose Financial Chicanery... written by John Del Vecchio, forensic accountant / co-manager of actively managed all short Ranger Equity Bear ETF and Tom Jacobs Portfolio Manager of Motley Fool Special Ops.

"I would recommend the book to those compelled toward stock picking or to anyone who wants to better understand how companies manipulate their earnings. It’s an easy read — you don’t need an accounting degree to understand it — and the insights are applicable whether you prefer to go long or short. . . Avoiding the big losses is more important than getting the big win, and that is the message of this book."

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Jun11 2012

The Wall Street Journal features AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF

"Mr. DelVecchio, a square-jawed soccer fan who works out of Dallas, isn't a big-name hedge-fund manager with ultrarich clients. He manages a $280 million exchange-traded fund that can be bought and sold by investors of all stripes.

His AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF also differs from other ETFs in the market. Mr. DelVecchio, 36 years old, and his partner, Brad Lamensdorf, actively manage their positions, and they only make negative bets on stocks and bonds. Their strategy is so uncommon that fund-research group Morningstar Inc. believes Mr. DelVecchio's fund is the world's lone actively managed "short-only" ETF."

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