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Nov19 2012

Economist Harry S. Dent tells Investor’s Business Daily Fiscal Cliff is Least of Stock Market’s Worries

TV talking heads and news headlines are heralding the fiscal cliff's danger to the U.S. economy. But a greater threat lies in wait thanks to the European debt crisis and slowing growth in China, says Harry Dent.

The CEO and founder of HS Dent, a Tampa, Fla.-based economic research and forecasting firm, says we're on the brink of a "global meltdown" once the "debt bubble" explodes, regardless of what happens in Washington. He explains why this is and how ETF investors can protect their money.

Dent developed the Dent Method, which bases economic outlooks on demographic trends.

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Apr16 2012

IBD: Manager of AdvisorShares Active Bear Short-Selling Track

John Del Vecchio, co-manager of AdvisorShares Active Bear (HDGE) is interviewed by Investor's Business Daily's Trang Ho about the actively managed etf that he co-manages, the principals behind the fund, its performance and the unique way he and his co-manager actively select the stocks for this all shorts ETF.

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