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Apr26 2012

Investment Advisor Magazine’s Extended Profile on TrimTabs CEO Charles Biderman

“Charles Biderman, president and CEO of investment research firm TrimTabs, started his career as a stock margin clerk at Francis I. Dupont And Co.

“It was the only job I could get with a BA from Brooklyn College,” he says. “The only way to get into the front office was to get an MBA,” so, naturally, he went to Harvard Business School.

Following his graduation from Harvard Business School, he started working with short sellers and shorting the real estate market in the mid ‘70s. In 1975, he bought 1,000 apartment units, two office buildings and six shopping centers from bankrupt REITs. Unfortunately, in 1987, he got caught in another real estate crash and started TrimTabs in 1990, recommending investors short banks that were stuck with a lot of bad real estate.”

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