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Jun3 2016

WSJ Examines TrimTabs Departure From AdvisorShares

Stern & Co. ran a campaign on behalf of our client TrimTabs Asset Management about its Float Shrink ETF announcing it would start a new, independent ETF after being wrongfully fired by AdvisorShares despite the fact that TTFS had a five-star Morningstar rating. This campaign in early summer set the groundwork for an announcement when the new ETF began trading in later September. Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal, featured the story:

AdvisorShares Raises Eyebrows With Cuttting of TrimTabs

AdvisorShares Raises Eyebrows With Cuttting of TrimTabs

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Nov4 2015

Sal Gilbertie, Teucrium Trading ETF Bootcamp Corn ETF

Sal Gilbertie, President of Teucrium discusses corn and the impact the glut has had on his company’s Corn ETF

The Corn ETF’s Surprising Opportunities

ETF Trends

The global commodities glut has rocked big companies, emerging markets, and investors who looked to ride the wave through related exchange traded funds heading into this year.

Corn isn’t discussed as much as oil, gold, or steel but its reach is broader than any other commodity, save oil.

Sal Gilbertie, President of Teucrium Trading, recently sat down with us at our annual ETF Boot Camp to discuss, of all things, corn. Well, more specifically the impact the glut has had on his company’s Corn ETF.

Sal shares some fascinating facts about how the corn market works and why huge price fluctuations occur.

Like what happens when you mix constant demand with a drought? Find out below!

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Apr14 2015

Reuters features TrimTabs Investment Research data showing record inflows

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Global equity funds inflows tracking to record: TrimTabs

(Reuters) - Global equity mutual and exchange-traded funds have so far this year pulled in net inflows of $81.5 billion, putting them on track to beat a four-month record high of $86 billion set nine year ago, TrimTabs Investment Research said on Tuesday.

Global equity mutual funds and ETFs surged to a record $34.8 billion in March, edging past the previous monthly record of $34.4 billion in January 2013, TrimTabs data showed.

These funds raked in $14.8 billion this month through Friday, and look likely to have the best four-month run of inflows since December 2005 through March 2006.

“U.S. investors continue to follow the printing presses into European and Japanese equities,” said David Santschi, chief executive officer of TrimTabs.  “A record that has been held for nine years is almost sure to fall.”

Buying has been heaviest among European funds, Santschi said.

(Reporting By Michael Connor in New York; Editing by Ted Botha)

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Jul17 2014

Forbes Magazine features Charles Biderman, TrimTabs

Forbes Magazines profiles Charles Biderman and his TrimTabs Float Shrink etf (TTFS).

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Mar21 2014

Gregg Greenberg gives discusses promising shorts

Ranger Equity Bear Portfolio Manager  Brad Lamensdorf

"Zillow is destined to go lower because the real estate Web site's shares are way overvalued at 19 times sales, plus it has growing insider sales," says Brad Lamensdorf, portfolio manager for the AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF. Lamensdorf is also shorting athletic wear seller Lululemon because of its price multiple and strong competition from Under Armour. Finally, he is bearish on FactSet Research's stock due to a pricing threat from Bloomberg.

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