Our Services

Stern & Co. offers a range of highly effective public relations tools customized to support the signature accomplishments and unique requirements of each of its clients.

Media Relations

We reach the right journalists with the right message at the right time.

Stern & Co.’s access to reporters, editors and broadcast producers — print, broadcast or on-line, national and international — makes it possible for us to support our clients’ public relations strategies with targeted, media outreach closely timed for maximum impact. We initiate campaigns from the grassroots up or at the national level.

Because of its established relationships with some of the nation’s foremost reporters, columnists and editors, Stern & Co. is a go-to source for journalists looking for story ideas or experts who can supply journalists with quotes or information for stories they are currently working on. We are ideally positioned to recommend our clients as experts to help reporters.

The results are reflected on the covers of some of the most prestigious magazines in the nation including Newsweek, Bloomberg/Business Week, and Forbes. In addition, our clients regularly appear on national television outlets, such as CNN, CNBC, and BloombergTV and on broadcast news programs like CBS Evening News with highly effective on air presence, the result of Stern & Co.’s media training program.


Stern & Co. works closely with its clients to make sure that its client’s marketing strategy is synchronized throughout its media relations, advertising, investor relations and online and social media plans.

Our keenly pinpointed media plans give companies a direct route to customers who may be otherwise unreachable. More importantly, feature articles in major media or local newspapers offer our clients third-party credibility and implied recommendation from the media as an unsolicited validation that paid advertising does not achieve.

From planning to building to expansion, Stern & Co. helps its clients get the right message to the right audience through our own expertise and our network of top vendors.

Strategic Counsel

We’re entrepreneurial and focused on producing results that achieve critical objectives for our clients.

We are known for our strategic approach to communications. Strategy and branding permeate everything we do on behalf of our clients.

What sets Stern & Co. apart from its competitors is our understanding that each client has a unique story – one that requires discovering a client’s distinctive difference so we can create a sure-fire strategy and execute it to achieve our client’s objectives.

Crisis Communications

Our senior leadership successfully steers companies and individuals through communications crises.

Using our media prowess, we help individuals and companies navigate the complex issues involved, to think boldly, act comprehensively and to ultimately resolve the impasse.

Media Training

The most important asset is your reputation. The communication policy must be based on a philosophy of openness with employees, customers, shareholders, regulators and the news media. Press relations, public activities, advertising and sales marketing programs are designed to educate as well as keep the company in the public eye. Within the realm of your corporate philosophy, it is essential to formulate key messages that you wish to convey and retain those messages in all of your communications internally and externally to build your corporate image from the inside out.

It is important for all senior employees to understand how to communicate with the news media in a clear and consistent manner. This is true for employees – new and old – and from branch offices to the corporate headquarters.

Our goal in doing this is to help the news media, your customers and the public understand who you are and what products and services you offer.

Our media training program and workbook will help you work effectively with the media. It provides step-by-step guidelines for handling all encounters with both print and broadcast media. We give specifics of how to take control of the interview and stay on message as well as how to recognize and avoid interview tricks and to gracefully extract oneself when the reporter seems to have a dubious agenda. It also follows the spirit and the letter of the law from government regulators concerning information disclosures by public companies and securities firms.

Event Planning

From press conferences and investor conferences to trade shows we work closely with your team to make sure all of your marketing material and messaging are speaking with the same voice.