May30 2012

Business News Network – Active Bear ETF

Brad Lamensdorf, Co-Manager of AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF, appears on Canadian BNN to discuss the  fund, how it operates and how they select shorts.  Click image below to watch the video:


May15 2012

Harry Dent – CNBC Global Markets Report

Harry S. Dent interviewed on CNBC by Rick Santelli for Global Market Report discusses question, Can Europe Implement Austerity Without Pain? Dent says that if Spain goes back for second round, Europe's done. Says history and demographics show need for no pain no gain -- stimulus has been putting off eventual recovery. Must go through debt restructuring to get from winter to spring.


May10 2012

The Wall Street Journal features TrimTabs Investment Research

The Wall Street Journal: Ahead of the Tape column,  The Smart Way to Follow Dumb Money, features TrimTabs Investment Research Analyst Leon Mirochnik.

"The one thing you can say about mutual-fund investors is that they're horrible market-timers," says Leon Mirochnik of TrimTabs Investment Research, which uses investment fund inflows and other data to make investment recommendations.


May5 2012

Fox Business: Harry Dent Says Dow Will Go Below 5K

Economist/ Author Harry Dent issues a sobering forecast on the path of the markets on Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto.


May3 2012

Reuters: Quotes Active Bear re: Green Mountain stock short sales

Green Mountain plunges in Christmas for shorts

Reuters story about plunging Green Mountain coffee stock quotes John Del Vecchio, co-manager of AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF (HDGE.P).

"Last night, I was like a kid on the night before Christmas at the Christmas tree, while I was waiting for their (earnings) release," said John Del Vecchio, portfolio manager of The Active Bear ETF (HDGE.P), who has been short Green Mountain since 2011.

"This is the beginning of the end," he said. "We're not covering a share."

Click here for full story


May3 2012

CNNMoney: John Del Vecchio discusses Green Mountain short

John Del Vecchio, John Del Vecchio, co-manager of the Active Bear (HDGE) exchange-traded fund in Dallas is quoted by  CNNMoney Paul LaMonica’s column, The Buzz: The biggest short: Green Mountain bears rejoice

John Del Vecchio, co-manager of the Active Bear (HDGE) exchange-traded fund in Dallas, said he believes the worst is not over for the company. The big drop in Green Mountain gave his fund a big boost Thursday. Shares of Active Bear rose more than 2.5%.