TrimTabs Investment Research

The leading independent institutional research firm focused on the supply and demand of shares of stock and money available for investment. The firm provides daily commentary and data to institutional investors, based on its premise that stock prices are a function of liquidity rather than value and that like the prices of any tradable good, the prices of stocks are driven by supply and demand. The firm ETF, TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (NYSE: TTFS) is based on a TrimTabs quantitative model.

Stern & Co. has made TrimTabs Founder and CEO Charles Biderman a familiar face on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, Nightly Business Report, Fox Business TV. He and TrimTabs analysts are frequently featured in Forbes, Financial Times, Barron’s, Washington Post, Barron’s, Smart Money, among others.

The ongoing coverage, the result of Stern & Co.’s outreach, results in subscriptions from the major financial institutions and hedge funds. Growing firm to include asset management that manages new actively managed ETF.

Charles Biderman CEO of TrimTabs on "Closing Bell"