Merrill Lynch

We began by looking at Merrill for a program that would help to create a halo of goodwill around the company’s operations. We discovered a nascent program designed to provide unique services for deaf or hard-of-hearing clients that brought the best of Merrill Lynch to life for potential investors.

We developed and placed individual stories for many of the 800 financial advisors specially trained and working in the program, ultimately placing a story about the program in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

With Merrill Lynch, Stern & Co. won the prestigious Silver Anvil Award for public relations excellence in the launching of a new financial service category.

In succeeding years we worked with Merrill’s corporate communication office in New York helping direct the Merrill Lynch brand working through national financial reporters.

Forbes Magazine Cover Story Branding Merrill Lynch as global leader: “Some day all banks may look like Merrill Lynch.”

Merrill Cover Story Forbes

Merrill cover story in Forbes.

The Wall Street Journal article.