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Jun15 2012

Globe and Mail: TrimTabs Says Time for Germany to Ditch Euro

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Time for Germany to ditch euro zone?


The Globe and Mail

Analysts at TrimTabs Investment Research contend there are no workable solutions to the euro zone’s debt crisis, so it would be in Germany’s economic self interest to abandon the currency, and to do so as quickly as possible.

Much like a sinking ship, the euro is going down, TrimTabs contends. The strongest swimmers should jump off to save themselves, rather than weakening themselves by trying to bail water to delay the inevitable. (Click here for entire story...)



Jun11 2012

AdvisorShares Active Bear co-manager Brad Lamensdorf on CNBC Fast Money

Brad Lamensdorf, co-manager of AdvisorShares Active Bear (HDGE) all short ETF is interviewed on CNBC's "Fast Money" about some of his bearish bets and how they choose stocks to short.

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Jun11 2012

The Wall Street Journal features AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF

"Mr. DelVecchio, a square-jawed soccer fan who works out of Dallas, isn't a big-name hedge-fund manager with ultrarich clients. He manages a $280 million exchange-traded fund that can be bought and sold by investors of all stripes.

His AdvisorShares Active Bear ETF also differs from other ETFs in the market. Mr. DelVecchio, 36 years old, and his partner, Brad Lamensdorf, actively manage their positions, and they only make negative bets on stocks and bonds. Their strategy is so uncommon that fund-research group Morningstar Inc. believes Mr. DelVecchio's fund is the world's lone actively managed "short-only" ETF."

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